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Secluded Paradise on the Coast of Batam Island - Montigo Resorts, Nongsa

Who does not know Montigo Resorts, all the beauties and luxuries belong to this resort.
Even to get into this resort I do not have the courage, it’s like unreachable. But don’t worry guys, for the curious and hesitant to enter here, let's read my review about this luxury resort. I am sure after this you cannot wait to see the beauty of this resort with your own eyes.

Established in 2012, Montigo Resorts is an award-winning upscale hospitality brand owned and managed by SGX Catalist-listed KOP Limited, a purveyor of luxury lifestyle, real estate and hospitality. Under its belt, Montigo Resorts currently has two resorts in Indonesia – the 12-hectare seafront resort, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, in Batam Island; and Montigo Resorts, Seminyak in Bali.

This time I want to review about Montigo Resorts which is located in Nongsa. Montigo resort has 3 types of lodgings: Residences, Villas and Studios. However for this time I will only tell you about Residences and Villas. Studios will be my review on the next trip inshaallah if there is an opportunity to visit Montigo Resorts again.

Montigo Residence

This type of lodging is the largest, has 3 buildings, the first on the top floor. You will be greeted with a super spacious living room with dining table, LED TV and transparent glass wall with beautiful sea view, then there is a toilet that is not so big and also a kitchen. Then the next building is in front of the living room, this second building consists of 2 floors. This room is upstairs because this type of resident, first time we will be on upstairs and then downstairs to the next building. 

Living room in Residense
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Let see the upstairs room, There is a bedroom with a large bed. Then there is also a mini bathroom. This room is completely overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony, even without having to be on the balcony, the view remains visible because the bed is overlooking to transparent glass wall.

First room
Let’s continue to the next building, go downstairs using the stairs in front of the living room. This room is a child's room that provides 2 tiny beds with funny pillows. Located on the bottom floor just below the first room building. The room is not too big, and also bathroom. This room overlooks the tiny Pool which also overlooks the sea.

Second room
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The swimming pool is comfortable, petite enough for family or with friends. It's nice to have a private pool like that. Then there is also a relaxing lounge and a unique sofa around the pool. So beautiful guys, lots of instagramable spots. I can not see this swimming pool, it feels like want to jump and swim guys, my mermaid aura came out when I saw the water. Hehe

Swimming pool
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After that let's see the last building of this lodging, the largest room. Super large bed overlooks transparent glass wall with sea view, , then a sofa that is enough for about 7 people is located in front of a super large beds. This room has the largest bathroom with bath up facilities, there are even two sofas that can be used for massage. So big, this bathroom sized 1/3 of this room. Ornaments and modern interior design add to the beauty of this lodge. I want to have a house like this. Huhuhu

Third room
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Montigo Villas

There's 100 villas at Montigo Resorts. The villa we visited was on a hill with 3 floors. All lodgings at Montigo Resorts are white. The first floor has a living room, a small kitchen, a toilet, a dining table and a swimming pool. The swimming pool at the Villa is small but slightly different from the residence. Then on the 2nd floor there are 2 bedrooms with Tilo’s pillows as mascot Montigo Resorts, then there is the bathroom. Next the top floor is the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor there is no room, usually called rooftop, there is a long seat around the roop top, perfect for a barbeque event. The scenery was beautiful because it is located on a hill, overlooking the sea.

Villas building and view from balcaony
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Living room
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Villa's Bedroom
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TILO Kids Club

Tilo Kids Club is one of the facilities provided by Montigo Resorts for children. For those of you who come here with your child, you can invite children to play at TILO Kids Club. Lots of activities are provided here. Do not worry, his staff is already professional in their field. Playing in a pool full of balls, batik, baking and many other activities that also benefit for the intelligence of the child's brain. It's free and available for children aged from four to twelve years, but if the activities are using materials like baking, you will be charged. The TILO Kids Club building is made of bamboo which is ordered directly from Bali, even the contractor was imported directly from Bali. Bamboo material makes this building feel cool even though the weather is hot.

TILO kids club
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TIIGO Beach Club

Yuhuuu after looking around the lodgings, I went to TIIGO Beach Club to relax. Enjoy fresh cocktails with beach, sea and long jetty views. Cool and charming seats make my tired whole day around the lodging as it disappears instantly. For those who want to swim, Montigo Resorts offers a package only IDR 350,000 /pax. You can swim for as long as you want, with towels and lunch facilities. At that time I tasted Signature TIGGO Burger and TIGGO Challenge. Well the both menus are feature dishes from TIIGO Beach club. One more feature dish is TIIGO Club Sandwich.

TIIGO beach club

TIIGO beach club

Long jetty

Beside that Montigo Resorts also opened a new cafe named Cafe MontigoMontigo Resorts did a soft launching of a cafe on February 15th, 2018.  

Jl. Hang Lekir Nongsa 
Batam, Indonesia
+65 6505 9381 (Singapore Sales Office)
+62 778 776 8888


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