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Staycation at Riani Deluxe Beachfront Turi Beach Resort - Batam

Beautiful morning at that time, got up early opened the door was treated to beautiful coastal scenery. Fresh air blew my hijab made it look like a scarf of mayang. I realized myself,
"am I really in this place?". Still distrustful, I pinched my cheek and shouted to myself, yes I did sleep last night in this beautiful place. I slept soundly, until to got out of the mattress was like I could not afford. That place is Turi Beach Resort.

Located at Nongsa Resorts in the northeastern part of Batam Island. Set amid 7.7 hectares of beautiful green landscaping in a tranquil tropical village. Turi Beach Resort features Modern-Minimalist accommodation in Tirta and Riani Wing.  All 140 deluxe rooms and suites are facing the sea, being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

The newly rejuvenated Riani Wing encompasses a collection of contemporary wooden design timber cottages with private balcony and daybed scattered across a generous parcel of natural landscape that descends down to meet the sea. The suites have a separate bedroom and living environment plus a lavish Jacuzzi for a spa-inspired bathing experience.

The wing is blessed with inspiring views of the ocean and tropical greenery that cocoons the entire resort. Meandering pathways connect each different tier and provide easy access to the beach.

I was with my friend, feel the sensation of staying at Turi Beach Resort, we stayed in a room beachfront, it felt tired on my shoulder five working days paid off. Do not want to remember about the job, I just enjoy the facilities provided Turi Beach Resort at the time. We stay at Riani Deluxe Beachfront.

Beachfront view from balcony
We arrived at Turi Beach on Friday night around 8pm, we were greeted with friendly staff and were treated to a welcome drink. Drink with ginger flavor but served cold, fresh and healthy, I love it. Even for me who do not much like ginger, it spelled out my disapproval of ginger. One glass was finished while checking in.
Welcome drink
At that time we were greeted by Mr Arifiadi Parayudha as Executive Assistant Manager. He welcomed us warmly, explaining about its amenities. explained about the facilities provided by Turi Beach Resort for their guests. After that we were escorted using the car they provide to our room which is right beachfront. The cool air of the coastal breeze immediately greeted us. Can not wait to enter and see inside the room.

The walls of the rooms are made of cut wood resembling lacquered polished palettes. White woods with modern and minimalist room design. A charming residence with a panoramic view of the beach made my weekend feel so much fun.

Riani Deluxe Beachfront
Ornate lamps that make the white room with such materials be seen more sweet. A long wooden table that can be placed so much stuff is neatly arranged under the LED TV that hangs facing the bed. There is a thick book with the title "Batam and the Riau Islands" decorate the wooden table that looks solid.

Wooden table

Invisible cabinets that blend into the walls make this room even more unique. The sliding door that also blends into the wall leads me to a spacious bathroom. Partitioned into three parts: sink and dressing table which is the widest area of the bathroom, then the closet area and shower area.

Then balcony directly overlooking to beachfront, palm trees towering, blown off the coastal winds make this resort more exotic. Relax on the balcony's sofa while grateful for the blessings of god given to me.

Sofa at Balcony
We did not sleep when we got in our room, we had dinner at Taming Sari Restaurant located on the second floor,  above the Yacht Club Cafe. The restaurant with balcony overlooking Aqua Pool is quite large and serves western food menu. To entertain the guests who are having dinner, Turi Beach Resort presents live music entertainment. The sound of beautiful singers accompanied by delicious food as well as the soothing scenery made the night feel so beautiful.

The singer then offers guests to request the song they want in order to be sung by them. The singer also offers guests to sing, without hesitation I walked to the stage and started to donate my voice, which was not so melodious. to get rid of tired during work on the weekday.

Then I can't wait to taste the dishes that has been presented neatly. The rows of menus so tantalizing the tongue welcomed me who was hungry. Lots of menus were presented until I was confused to choose which first I will eat. 

My eyes are on spaghetti. Fresh from teflon, cooked directly by a talented young chef at the restaurant table. I can see directly the process of making the spaghetti. Many types of spaghetti are provided however I chose spaghetti with carbonara sauce, cooked spicy with a sprinkling of ham and parmesan cheese. I did not end up tasting other dishes, and all delicious guys.

Before cooked

After cooked

The next day I was with my friend planning to swim and try all the swimming pools that became Turi Beach Resort facilities, hehe I was just who the one want to swim because I really like swimming, my faith is not strong  if looking at pool. My friend relaxed enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery while being my photographer. of course we took turns to take a picture.

Eits before that we had breakfast first at Taming Sari Restaurant to fill the energy before turned into a mermaid. The first dish I was looking for was omelette haha ​​that's I could eat if it was morning. do not forget to be spicy according to Indonesian tastes. Another menu that I ate was a fruit salad with dragon fruit's yogurt, really good guys.

After eating breakfast then I went to the pool and swam as much as I want. almost 3 hours I swam, tried all the pools there. even after I walked around the Beach and clothes I wore dry, saw the other pool yet I tried, I jumped and swam again. My friend called me Mermaid met the water.

Facilities and Activities at Turi Beach Resort

Recreation :
Engage in exhilarating water sports such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, jet skiing and parasailing or if you prefer, try rock wall climbing, paintball, tennis, golf and more.

With Mr Aminudin as Assistant Manager Activity
Spa :
original concept drawing inspiration from healing and beauty practices found across Indonesia using only local natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, herbs, oils and spices in its treatments.

Dining Facilities :
From authentic Indonesian favourites at Cinta Manis to delicious Western and Chinese dishes at Taming Sari and scrumptious Japanese Teppanyaki at Nogusaya, there’s a menu to suit every appetite whether you’re famished after an afternoon of water sports or prefer snacking on tasty but light bites with a cocktail in hand while lazing by the pool.

Meeting Facilities :
Looking for a venue to hold your corporate retreat? With five meeting rooms of varied sizes for spacious seating of up to 250 people and well-equipped with conference facilities, holding a business conference or seminar is a breeze.

Swimming Pool at Turi Beach

This is the thing I like most when staying at a hotel or resort.Swim in the pool of your choice Emerald Pool and Aqua Pool and Soak in the sun while enjoying a cocktail and cool sea breeze.

Emerald pool
Aqua pool

How to Reach Turi Beach Resort

Turi Beach Resort is a 35-minute ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal - Singapore and 5-minute drive from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. A return transfer between the ferry terminal and the resort is provided to all resort guests. Simply indicate the arrival time and our staff will assist you at the ferry terminal. 

Turi Beach Resort Batam
Address Jl.Hang Lekiu, Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Standard check-in time 14:00 * Check-in time from plan has greater priority
Standard check-out time 12:00 * Check-out time of plan has greater priority.

Turi Beach Resort
Nongsa, Batam
Tel +62-778 761 080
Fax +62-778 761 279
SkypeMe turibeach

Mailing Address
Jl. Hang Lekiu, Nongsa
Batam - 29465, Indonesia


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