Friday, 16 March 2018

Lured By Charm of Jewel Lodging That Attracts Nature Enjoyment Junkies - Bintan Lagoon Resort,  Bintan (10/03/2018) - Beautiful beach with white sand that stretches across the glistening South China Sea. Clean as yet untouched by the ignorance of human hands.  Hills covered with green grass which dubbed as the love hill. Being a heaven for nature enjoyment junkies in the northern tip of Lagoi. Its beauty inspires my heart to see with my eyes to prove it. 

Following are the reasons this resort inspires my heart to see directly its beauty :

Long Beach With Pearly White Sand

Its beauty is unquestionable. Clean and white are the two words would you say involuntarily when directly touching the sand of this beach. Waiting for the sunrise in the sky of Lagoi with soft beach sand. Holding friends to ingratitude towards God unceasingly we receive. Beautiful love also blossomed in times await the sunrise with the beauty of this vast stretch of beach.
Long Beach
Long Beach

Love Hill (Bukit Cinta) Spreaders Sense of Love

Its name implies the brain and heart to be in sync. That it can grow love in the heart during a visit. The beauty of a charming hillside dissolves in a flowering heart. Every step of the stairs did not exhaust. The stretch of green grass that stretches implies a heart that is blossoming, blowing like mayang scarf thrown in the wind. All its beauties stick happiness in the heart.

Taking pictures with Love Hill Background
Love Hill

Swimming Pool with Tropical Hawaii Feel

A spacious winding swimming pool blue. Decorated with towering palm trees blown by coastal winds. Facing directly toward the beautiful beach. Standing comfortable chairs with various shapes adorned around the pool. You will love to spend time here. Beautiful Bintan taste of Hawaii. will be more complete if the cocktail accompany you.

Swimming Pool

Off Road with ATV Down The Beach And Forest

An area of 300 ha offers a variety of exciting facilities that can be used. One of them is ATV (Quad Bike) excitement. Down the beauty of the beach as far as 1.5km and the forest is still green with beautiful shady trees around the area of Bintan Lagoon Resort. Together with friends driving cool off-road vehicle. Spur heart rate with tracks are quite challenging. the puddle of mud that we were lunging splashing into the ATV body. A shout of excitement cheered in the jungle. 

Driving ATV

Operating hours for ATV (Quad Bike) Tour:
- Weekday : 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
- Weekend : 9.30 am to 6 pm

Price for Single Seat Quad Bike:
- Rp. 363.000, - for 15 minutes
- Rp. 665.000, - for 30 minutes
- Rp. 1.150.000, - for 1 hour

Price for Double Seat Quad Bike:
- Rp. 545.000, - for 15 minutes
- Rp. 910.000, - for 30 minutes
- Rp. 1.335.000, - for 1 hour

Comfortable Accommodation With Views Overlooking Long Sand Beach

This Bintan accommodation is styled with laid back sophistication. The Deluxe Sea facing room commands majestic views of the sea and sky. Custom designed fabrics and sleek wood finishes create a sense of cool airiness in this tropical paradise. Enjoy the intimacy of a raised cushioned platform, ideal for an indulgent afternoon nap or a day of lounging in air-conditioned comfort. Relax in soothing comfort on a king-sized bed or twin beds, or enjoy a luxurious soak in the bathtub.

Deluxe Sea Facing Room


Dining delicious appetizing dishes at Spacious Restaurant 

Fiesta is perched on a hill overlooking BLR’s signature swimming pool and beautiful private beach.  From anywhere within the restaurant, patrons can enjoy unobstructed views of the South China Sea. This restaurant also features live music performances, comedians, magicians and cultural dances. 

There is a Western corner, an Indonesian corner, as well as an Asian corner that serves Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine. Fiesta also has micro-themed restaurants within.  Little India serves Indian food, Mangia allows you to create your own pizza and pastas, and Chop Chop, Bintan’s Chinatown, let’s you try Asian street food.  Although meant for Kids, adults love the Kid’s corner just as much.

Fiesta! Restaurant
Dinner Dishes
Kids Corner Dishes

Breakfast Dishes

Entertainment Facilities to Stretch The Muscles And Mind

The resort offers facilities that aim to stretch the muscles and mind. Such as gym, table tennis, karaoke, cycling, massage/spa and kids club for you who vacation with your lovely children and etc.

For reservation:

Jln. Indera Segara Site A 12, Lagoi Teluk Sebong
Bintan, Kepulauan Riau - Indonesia
Phone: +62 770 691388
Fax: +62 770 691300


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