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For Land and Sea Sports Enthusiasts, Nirwana Gardens Resort Knows How to Deliver Adrenaline-Inducing Experiences

Rometraveloften.comBintan (03/03/2018) -Are you a land and sea sport enthusiast? do you like the activities that trigger adrenaline? Parasailing ? Jet ski ? with the power of the wind, the magic of the deep and the energy of the waves or riding a giant mammal like Sultan Iskandar Muda who is the famous king of Aceh who makes the Elephant as a pride ride.

Adrenaline-racing activities need tremendous power to exclude, right?, how to recharge it is only by eating. We need a lot of energy to do these activities. Before starting the activity, we lunch at the Village Café & Resto with the archipelago and western menu.

Iga Bakar

Bolognese Spaghetti

Tom Yam

On Jet Skis, Chasing Waves in Pursuit of Freedom

Turn the engines on, makes it rumble, I sounded like a Harley gang outside the truck. The goal, however, was the same as that of their asphalt-bound cousins, speed, adrenaline. In my parlance : freedom. Going jet skiing is an adrenaline rush that also gives you a view of the island you can’t get in any other way. You’ll zoom all over the turquoise waters that surround the island, chasing waves at the sea like Jack Sparrow on Black Pearl.

Jet Ski
Price list :

In-House Guest
Day Trip Guest
Jet Ski 700cc 15 mins
Rp 555.000
Rp 700.000
Jet Ski 700cc 30 mins
Rp 900.000
Rp 1.125.000
Jet Ski 700cc 1 hr
Rp 1.500.000
Rp 1.875.000
Jet Ski 700cc Safari (min 2 jet ski) 1hr trip/tour
Rp 1.905.000
Rp 2.385.000

The Exhilaration of Victory - Parasailing Experience

Have you also wanted to somewhere have a sense of superiority if not on land, to open your wings and fly into the horizon and see the world below you as you enjoy the breeze and sing your way to glory? The freedom that the birds enjoy, unashamed and free is something that we could never experience.  

Parasailing allows you to be a free bird,  watching all of us as tiny little creatures when in reality they were the ones. See all of the world from high up above there was awe-inspiring and stunning.  Nirwana Gardens await you to welcome you to the resplendent and picturesque world of parasailing.

Price list :

In-House Guest
Day Trip Guest
Parasailing Single 15 mins
Rp 650.000
Rp 750.000
Parasailing Tandem 15 mins
Rp 1.050.000
Rp 1.250.000
Parasailing Family/Friends 1hr (max 8 pax)
Rp 3.500.000
Rp 4.200.000

Train Your Self-Balance on Ninebot

Feel like going to fall forward and then backward. That's the first thing you'll feel when you ride the ninebot. The body is forced to comply with the brain to be able to control this electric-powered vehicle. Self-balance is required to be able to expertly drive this cool device. Once it's fit, you do not want to go down and want to keep driving it. You would imagine as if in a robotic era that requires only gestures to control things.

Riding Ninebot

Price list :

In-House Guest
Day Trip Guest
Ninebot Tour (weekday) 1hr/pax (min 2 pax)
Rp 500.000
Rp 625.000
Ninebot Tour (weekend) 1hr/pax (min 2 pax)
Rp 600.000
Rp 750.000
Ninebot Circuit (weekday) 1 round/pax (10mins)
Rp 200.000
Rp 250.000
Ninebot Circuit (weekend) 1 round/pax (10mins)
Rp 250.000
Rp 315.000

Break Your Record by Cycling In The Second Largest Lake in Bintan Island

Cycling is a common activity for everyone. But have you ever thought of cycling around the second largest lake in Bintan Island ?. Initially only intend to surround the area Lagoi but curiosity can not be dammed. The route should have turned right but instead we canceled our intention to follow the suggested route, and ends with a left turn and surrounds super-wide lake. I have nothing to regret, I lost my weight about 3 kg and also paid off with the beautiful area of the lake.

Cycling in Lagoi Bay Lake
Price list :

In-House Guest
Day Trip Guest
Normal Bike 1hr
Rp 105.000
Rp 135.000
Tandem Bike 1hr
Rp 160.000
Rp 205.000

Brave Yourself by Riding A Giant Land Mammal

Have you tested your guts by being around a giant land mammal like an elephant?. Not even think to dare approach. Seeing from afar even I was afraid of its body that equaled the height of the truck. Now I dare to approach even sitting on its big legs like sitting on a living sofa. I take all my courage to ride a big mammal with this long trunk.

Riding the Elephant
Price list :

In-House Guest
Day Trip Guest
Elephant Show (adult)
Rp 240.000
Rp 300.000
Elephant Show (child)
Rp 175.000
Rp 220.000
Elephant Show + Ride (adult)
Rp 285.000
Rp 360.000
Elephant Show + Ride (child)
Rp 210.000
Rp 265.000
Elephant Ride (adult) 10mins
Rp 145.000
Rp 185.000
Elephant Ride (child) 10mins
Rp 120.000
Rp 150.000
Elephant Trail (adult) 20mins
Rp 240.000
Rp 300.000
Elephant Trail (child) 20mins
Rp 145.000
Rp 185.000
Elephant Safari/pax (1hr) [min 2pax]
Rp 760.000
Rp 950.000

After a tiring but exciting day. Me and my friends were greeted with dinner by the pool side accompanied by traditional and modern music accompaniment. But before getting dinner we were enjoying sunset at Calypso Floating Bar  while drinking exotic beverages. Dinner by The Poolside is BBQ Buffet that only available every Fri and Saturday

Beverages at Calypso Floating Bar
Calypso Floating Bar
Dinner Dish
Happy dinner

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  1. Honestly, I am not a beach lover, but after seeing your pictures, i think i miss a bit sense of wave and the smell of corals hehe. Nice story anw

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