Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Warm Your Dinner on Steamboat Set Table at Paris Lyon Cafe - Allium Hotel Batam

Rometraveloften.com, Batam (08/03/2018) - Batam was in cold weather then, warm food to be the right healer for a cold dinner with the feeling of longing. I need a cozy atmosphere with delectable food to dissipate the longing that sneaks into the soul. I decided to choose a romantic place with a warm mellow atmosphere at Paris Lyon Cafe Allium Hotel Batam.

A savory gravy tomyam combined with protein fat from a variety of seafood, vegetables, mushroom, meatball and fresh chili peppers. Combine in the portable steamboat equipment prepared by the friendly staff and chef. Cook your own food with love, let your chef relax to see your skills. Enjoy the beauty of the night with your closest people, warm up the atmosphere with the cooperation of cooking a special dinner.

It feels pays off all the tired work all day at the office with delicious dishes and warm atmosphere at a cafe located in the center of this industrial city. Do you know, so delicious until I could not stop eating the meal whereas my friends feel they can not do it anymore. satu yang paling saya suka adalah crabsticks. Strong crab flavor tempts me to continue to devour it, it feels like more and more.

How about the package offered. Let's find out.

Please come to Paris Lyon Cafe - Allium Hotel Batam and its friendly staff and experienced chefs will serve a special steamboat set table for you.

IDR 260,000 net for 2 persons

  • One Complete set of portable hot-pot
  • Ingredients: Tom Yam Soup, seafood, vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms
  • Two bowls of rice
  • Minerals water

Available for Lunch and Dinner

Address :
Allium Batam Hotel
Komplek Panorama Nagoya, 
Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, 
Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29432

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+62 778 452 888
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  1. Aduuuh, aku jadi laper. Tomyamnya pasti seger banget, jamurnya ngejek suruh datang dan makan.

  2. waaah, boleh juga nih kalau suatu saat ke Batam...

    1. iya kak bisa buat rekomendasi dinner atau lunch hehe

  3. aduh sedapnya. pengen makan juga. sedap sedap sedap