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6 Unique Things That Make You Reluctant To End Your Holiday in Cassia Bintan, Batam (15/04/2018) - Bintan's first beachfront apartment-living resort. Cassia Bintan is located in Lagoi, 27 miles from Desaru and 20 miles from Tanjungpinang. With a hawaiian-style beachfront  atmosphere, Cassia Bintan offers an unforgettable holiday for its guests. Following are 6 unique things that make you reluctant to end your holiday in Cassia Bintan.

1. Foam party in swimming pool

Cassia Bintan gives us the chance to dance under tons of foam in the beautiful pool and live one of the most characteristic and unique experiences of Cassia Bintan. Being right on the coast, it offers an uninterrupted sunset view from the modest-sized infinity pool while enjoying the party. Who doesn’t associate foams with fun? being consecrated as the quintessential party, come to present a new world of bubbles that will make you dance to the rhythm of upbeat music. In a bit of creative design, those who are happy to get wet can still chit chat with their hydrophobic friends at the sun lounger sofa of poolside.

Beautiful and cute floaties are presented to add the splendor of this foam party. Until do not remember the age, everyone enjoys the foam like a cheerful kids. Even my friends and I  did not realize that our time has been spent, until no more participants in the pool. We became participants who enjoyed this party till the end and the sun was reluctant to wait for us who fascinated with foams. A dark sky that reminded us to finish our desire to party.

2. Comfort lodging with perfect facilities

There is nothing happier than a comfortable place to live. Cassia Bintan provides all that comfort that will make you don't want to go home and want to extend the holiday there. One of the Singaporean guests I met told me that she was extending her vacation, beyond the plans she had made. 

a. Staying at apartment garden view two bedrooms
Having a comfortable 2 bedrooms to pamper after a tired work on weekdays. Main bedroom with king bed size and soft pillows. A unique wallpaper with Indonesian wildlife diversity, colors and designs that make anyone who sees it are amazed. There is an LED hanging in front of the bed with a soft blanket. Equipped with air conditioning and a fan hanging on the ceiling of the room. Look toward the window, when the curtain is opened, sall of Cassia's beauty radiated because the location of the apartment is quite high.

Main bedroom
The second room has a smaller size than the main room but still with the same level of comfort. Single bed is sufficient for one guest, commonly used for children's room when on vacation with family. Each room is equipped with a balcony so every guest can enjoy the beauty in every area.

Second bedroom

There are several room types that can be booked in Cassia Bintan:

  • One Bedroom Apartment Garden View
  • One Bedroom Apartment Loft
  • Two Bedroom Apartment Garden View
  • Two Bedroom Apartment Loft Garden View

b. Full kitchen set in the modern kitchen

  • Hanging cabinets with good colors and light.
  • Colorful dining table
  • Electric fires and stoves have certainly come a long way in terms of design, functionality and efficiency.
  • Various types of plates, bowls, glasses and spoons.
  • Various knives and placemat.
  • Apron and duster.
  • Toaster, microwave, water boiler, refrigerator, coffee maker, pan and teflon.
For the food ingredients you can buy at the 23's Market. Located at the same area with lobby. All the ingredients are complete with spices that make it easy for you to cook.

23's Market
23's Market

c. 2 luxurious bathrooms with full set toiletries
Having 2 luxurious bathrooms with full set toiletries. The first bathroom is in the main bedroom. Then the second is smaller and is in front of the second bedroom.

Bathroom in main bedroom
Bathroom in front of second bedroom
Full set toiletries

d. Wide living room to relax
Living room with modern soft sofa. Wallpaper with shades of Indonesian wildlife diversity and soft colors. The atmosphere made us feel like at own home.

Living room

e. Colorful balcony with amazing view
It feels like not wanting to go home while relaxing on a unique balcony with colorful chairs. Being above the heights that gives Cassia all the beauty to enjoy.


f. Scrumptious breakfast with a cozy place
Incomplete if on vacation without tasting the delicious dishes. Everything you want are available here. With a cozy place, the breakfast atmosphere becomes more enjoyable. In the lobby with almost dominated by transparent glass makes this place very comfortable and rich with light. Very open so that the eyes are pampered with the beauty of the scenery. Decorated with unique mural with its cute colors, this artwork retains the richness of Indonesian culture depicted in it.

Breakfast with friends
Unique lobby with mural design

3. Yoga class on coastalline with the sunrise ambience at Santai Deck Angsana Resort

Yoga class is something that is rarely I found during holiday in a resort. However another case in Cassia Bintan, yoga class is provided for guests. By making a reservation the day before because they need to prepare the number of beautiful mattress that will be used yoga in accordance with the number of participants. Located at Santai Deck Angsana Resort, Hindustan professional instructors exclusive imported to train the guests. Cozy place, beautiful atmosphere with peaceful sound of waves pounding and the fresh air of dawn that blows from the South China Sea. Yoga class was very solemn and serene.

Yoga class
After yoga
Relax in Angsana pool

4. Picturesque Xana Beach Club 

Located on the Cassia Bintan Beach, Xana Beach Club comes with a hawaiian tropical atmosphere. Decorated with bean bags and colorful umbrellas scattered throughout the beach area. Its white sand and towering coconut trees add to the beauty of Xana Beach Club.

Cassia Beach in front of swimming pool
Beauty view in Xana Beach Resort
At night Xana Beach Club transformed into a perfect bbq party. Delicious food cooked directly without bulkhead by experienced chef so guests can instantly see the skill of the food experts while in action. Accompanied by dj music on the beach. The atmosphere is more exciting when dj play upbeat music.

5. Coservation Laboratory

Conservation Laboratory is located next to Cassia Bintan swimming pool. Contains a variety of educational activities and information about the preservation of nature and its inhabitants. Collect various species of dead animals to be used as research samples that found in the forest around the resort. 

Variety of butterfly

Based on data collected conservation lab is a wide variety of rare animals live here, namely Long-tailed Macaque, Asian Monitor Lizar, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Green Sea Turtle, etc. There are also another useful activites namely Bintan Sea Turtle Conservation Project. A turtle preserve activity, by adopting the baby turtles to be released back into the sea.

Animal sample for researching

6. Ranger Trail which is challenging adventurous souls in Jungle Conservation

Ranger trail is an outdoor activity conducted in the forest to adventure and enjoy the sensation of God's creation. Banyan Tree Bintan forest become a location that is used to perform this activity. Guided by professional guides who are qualified in their field, we trace the thickness of this tropical forest. This forest is a conservation forest that is highly preserved by the teams of a conservation laboratory located in Cassia Bintan. Includes 3 properties: Cassia Bintan, Angsana Resort and Banyan Tree Bintan.

CSR activities are also highly encouraged in this area to preserve nature. Even beaches that are usually opened wide without any trees blocking become one of the considerations in this area. To cut down a tree, prior approval is required to assess whether it can cause natural damage.

Here is the guardian of Banyan Tree Bintan, Mr. Adlan. Bhe became our guide when doing ranger trail activity. He is also an important person in making decisions in He is also an important person in making decisions in nature conservation in Banyan Tree Bintan.

Mr Adlan
When the ranger trail, he explained some useful plants that can be used during emergency situations in the forest. We also tried to eat a kind of fruit that can be consumed directly while in the forest.

Forest fruit
We walked through the forest like a hatori ninja, we climbed the hill and down the valley. I believe, difficult road leads to beautiful place. That's true, after tired of climbing the hill, this is the scenery that nature presents for the fatigue that we feel.
Difficult road leads to beautiful place

For those who are interested in Cassia Bintan-style holidays, following are several passable access to reach Cassia Bintan :
  • From Batam : by Speed boat to Tanjung Uban harbor about 15 minutes, then continued by car about 45 minutes
  • From Tanjungpinang : by Car about 60 minutes
  • From Singapura : by ferry to Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi about 55 minutes

Cassia Bintan
Jalan Teluk Berembang 
Laguna Bintan Resorts Lagoi  29155
Telepon : +62 770 693111
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  1. Wah keren banget ini Cassia Bintan. Ada Foam Party nya dan ini satu2nya hotel dan resort yg punya kegiatan ini nih, asik banget nih. Terus keren ya ada aktivitas cinta alam Ranger Trail itu

    1. iya kegiatan unik-unik kak, jarang banget ada di tempat lain kegiatan yang disediakan di Cassia Bintan ini, cocok jadi referensi liburan.

  2. Keren nih ada Foam Partynya pastinya bikin liburan semakin asik bisa main busa di Kolam Renang gitu. Terus suka sama Apartemennya dapurnya luas dan bagus tuh. Terus ada Ranger Trail keren banget nih ada kegiatan cinta alam gini

    1. Foam party itu seru banget kak, ada music dan di kolam renang juga jadi lebih aman sih kak, soalnya biasa foam party itu di lapangan luas dengan lantai semen jadi licin bahaya banget kan. Iya dapurnya lengkap peralatannya, tinggal beli bahan makanan aja bisa masak sendiri. Ranger trail itu paling menantang, tapi happy ending karna pemandangan setelah melewati tanjakan dan turunan itu super kece

  3. Hotel nya bagus..fasilitas dan aktivitas nya pun beragam... sukaa kalo ada hotel yg kreatif seperti cassia...

    1. Iya desainnya unik kak. Bikin betah karna warna warni. Refresh banget otak dengan pemandangan dan desain yang bagus. Fasilitasnya juga lengkap banget. Bisa nih untuk referensi liburan buat keluarga kak.

  4. Banyak ya keunikan nya. Cocok banget ni tempat honeymoon nanti

    1. ya bang coba aja ke sana cocok tuh buat honeymoon. Makin romantis suasananya. Ada spot romantic dinner di atas batu tepi pantainya juga.

  5. Wowowow, Cassia Bintan keren ya. Aktifitasnya banyak Dan menyenangkan. Desain apartment juga kece punya.

    1. Iya keren kak, lain dari yang lain desainnya. Modern banget, asyik pokoknya liburannya.

  6. Waaahhhhh Cassia Bintan. seru yaaa.. liburan sambil belajar juga ini mah namanya.
    Seruuuuu pastii

    1. iya bisa belajar di konservasinya, jarang banget ada hotel punya konservasi gini. Peduli dengan lingkungan

  7. woow amamzing banget tempatnya. cocok buat ramean liburan ke sini

    1. Iya bang seru loh rame-ramean. Luas soalnya apartemennya. 1 ruangan ada 2 kamar dengan living room yang luas, kitchen set yang lengkap. balkonnya yang unik.

  8. Full colour, sukak liatnyaaa. Muralnya juga keren2

    1. Iya desainnya bikin semangat, gak mau pulang rasanya.

  9. nice place to be visited. bring me there sista