Sunday, 22 July 2018

Dinner with Pirates at Tiigo Beach Club - Montigo Resorts Nongsa

Have you ever thought of dinner with pirates?. You must immediately imagine dinner with Luffy the captain, the most popular rubber man, accompanied by Nami the beautiful navigator, delicious food served by the handsome Sanji and guarded by the mighty Zoro in One Piece animation. Montigo offers the sensation of having dinner with the pirates with super-delicious food wrapped in BBQ theme.

Starting this month, TIIGO will be arriving by pirate ship and crew to make TIIGO's atmosphere more festive. They invite everyone to come every Friday by dressing up like your favorite pirates, and enjoy your pirate adventure from sunset to sunny night at TIIGO harbour. Reliable chef has been prepared to make BBQ creations that can be enjoyed as much as you want, from premium meat options, fresh seafood that will be cooked instantly by reliable chef and sweet food available at Sweet Hut in TIIGO bay to satisfy your taste. Beverage menu selection based on the theme of the night can also be booked from your favorite bartender. All served to satisfy the wishes of all our guests from various circles.

Thousand Sunny Ship :D

The atmosphere of dinner
TIIGO beach club has always been the most pleasant place from all sides. You can feel comfortable by relaxing in the lounge, cabana or at the TIIGO bar while enjoying the daily sunset at TIIGO Beach Club. TIIGO Beach Club provides a wide variety of beverage menu options to make your own choice, served exclusively for guests of TIIGO Beach Club. In the evening, our DJ resident will change the atmosphere of the TIIGO Beach Club to be the best choice for dancing and enjoy the music that is the trend lately.

TIIGO Beach Club's view
Okay let me tell you about my experience while at Tiigo Beach Club with the pirates. Enjoy exclusive meals from reliable chefs at Montigo Resorts. Starting from the first bite, NO disappointing food. Every step I stopped because I could not stand the beauty of the food and tasted every food that was served neatly and cool like being on a pirate ship. Until not strong enough to hold back, I also borrowed a pirate hat belonging to the waiters to feel the sensation of being a pirate that night.

Order my fav beverage to Bartender
Dinner environment

The appetizer is the corner with all the menus that I like most. I love everything related to salad. The most favorite is the Fire King Prawn Spicy Cocktail Sauce. The king fresh Prawn with delicious dressings made my tongue not stop to enjoy the delights of this salad. Its colorful look tempts the eyes to turn away from other foods. TI tasted all the menus in this corner, everything is fresh and delicious. For you salad lovers, you will feel like in heaven, hahaha.
Appetizer Corner
From the Grill

It feels incomplete if BBQ Dinner without the Grill menu. Premium meat options, fresh seafood that will be cooked instantly by reliable chef. There is the unique thing  in this menu. That is Otak-otak. This special Malay food is included in the menu list at Tiigo Beach Club. All are processed by a cool chef in Montigo. Obviously I feel unusual, really delicious because it is homemade.

From the grill station
Pizza Station

A thin layer of pizza and crispy texture makes this pizza in Tiigo exactly like the identity of Pizza in Italy. The many toppings on Pizza are smoked beef, sweet corn, bolognese sauce and mozzarella cheese that fill the surface of the circular food. Warm pizza just came out of the oven, uuuuu do not miss this one guys. You will regret if you go home without tasting it.

Pizza corner

For you sweet food lovers, do not miss this corner. Paradise dessert for sweet food lovers. I invite friends who have hobby to do backing. Even She was amazed by the taste of every dessert She tasted. She said "Maybe because all of desserts comes from high quality premium materials". I said "it makes sense, but it's also because of the expertise of their proffesional chef pastry". But I'm sweet enough to eat it a lot wkwk.

Super Fav Corner (Dessert)
Nachos Station

Hmm I got confused, everything is good. The nachos station is also very tasty with pizza. Nachos, sour cream, guacamole, ragout, spicy chili and tomato sauce. I think I want to go there again, again and again and eat all the dishes.

There are also the oher menu that have been served by the cool chef like main course, soup, smoked station, bruschetta corner, LIVE Station and TIIGO Specialty. But for muslim I don't recommend TIIGO Specialty for your dinner menu because it contains pork.

Live Music and Resident DJ

Your dinner will be more complete accompanied by the beautiful voice of a singer in Live Music and will alternate with the Resident DJ who will play music from the latest trendy songs that will get you down to the dance floor.

DJ Rome :D
Then what else are you waiting for, Friday is waiting for you. Spend the beautiful night at Tiigo Beach Club Montigo Resort. JDo not miss your beautiful Friday by staying home. It's the most beautiful night, because tomorrow is a holiday. With only IDR 380,000 ++ you can enjoy all perfect dishes in this beautiful resorts. So enjoy your Friday.



TIIGO Beach Club

Montigo Resort


Telephone: +62 778 776 8888

Address : Jl. Hang Lekir Nongsa Batam, Indonesia


  1. Wow...harga 480 RB dengan menu makanan segitu banyak masih okelah ya..apalagi BBQ di resort sekelas montigo

    1. 380.000 akak sayang. iya worth banget ya kak, itu gak semua difoto loh. aslinya lebih banyak lagi makanannya sampai bingung makannya haha

  2. cocok buat dinner bareng kesayangannya nih mari kita kesana <3

    1. Yuhuuuu kakak cuss ajak kesayangannya dinner di Tiigo Beach Club :D

  3. Replies
    1. Cuuss ke sana shay, Jumat ini nih cocok

  4. Beuh Montigo semakin keren nih, sekarang ada paket BBQ nya pasti enak dan gk mengecewakan nih, soalnya Resortnya ajah keren abisss. Duh segeralah ntr mau BBQ an disini enak enak enak

    1. Cuss bang Jumat ini dijamin gak nyesel deh. Semua rasa makanannya perfect. highly recommended

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