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Pangkil Island Resort : The private Island in Bintan Island promises all things luxury

When thinking of luxury holiday destinations, nothing else sounds quite as exclusive (or peaceful!) as the thought of renting your own private island. This must surely be the ultimate way to get away from saturation and fatigue of your body and brain while collecting sustenance coffers. I proudly present Pangkil Island Resort, the private island in Bintan Island that promises all things luxury.

Private Island resort is a great choice for those looking to maintain a high level of privacy and exclusivity - as well as being in a stunning setting. This wonderful resort tend to offer a more personalised and unique island experience than conventional hotel resorts. It’s the perfect escape option for true hedonists and true romantics. 

Arriving by private boat, the sugar soft sands and turquoise waters lapping against the shore are bound to excite the senses. What better way is there to escape the real world?. Greeted by all the friendly staffs who await on the white sand dams with exotic welcome drink, I almost forgot that this was still on the Earth, Riau Islands. My mind drifted away like in the heaven. This is truly a dream vacation.

Arriving by private boat

Greeted by all the friendly staffs and extotic welcome drink
To be able to enjoy a holiday on this island you have to rent 1 island with a minimum group of 10 people and a maximum of 60 people. Only serve 1 reservation in 1 time because you can't just rent 1 room here. Even though you want to rent a honeymoon with your partner, you still have to rent 1 island. When else can you become James Bond who has a private island, right?. Only here you can feel that sensation, Pangkil Island Resort.

Why choosing Pangkil Island Resort as holiday destination?

The ultimate in privacy, exclusivity and luxury exceptional service,  perfect opportunity for an unique holiday like no other stunning, naturally beautiful islands, amazing locations islands available to suit various group sizes islands and properties perfect for holidays, groups, events or celebrations.

Exotic and eco-friendly accommodation

Driftwood Palace
Exotic is the right word to describe accommodation on this beautiful island, made from natural ingredients around the island, with a stage house design that reminds me of my hometown. But with a much more magnificent interior and design quality, of course. Being quite high above the ground makes the view displayed by this accomodation become an eagle eye angle in the science of photography, like on the tower, the beauty of this island can be enjoyed from the balcony. Eco-friendly is also the word that comes out of my brain when entering this cozy place. They have a recycling program by segregating the waste into different types (glass, metal, plastic and paper waste) are carried to Bintan for recycling.

For a small offshore island, Pangkil is home to an astonishing diversity of plants. The islands natural vegetation comprises coastal forest with a wide variety of trees and shrubs capable of living in the relatively dry conditions with salt laden winds. The wooded areas are dominated by the spectacular Seashore Screwpines, large Beach Almonds, Sea Apple, Sea Teak and Sea Hibiscus. The sandy shores support Sea Lettuce, Noni trees, pretty seashore morning glory and the seashore crinum lily. There are over 40 species of plants in the island-including two stands of mangrove trees.

Shady forest
Made from driftwood. Do you already know what driftwood is?. Driftwood is part of a Tree that has been in the Ocean (or Lake or River?) and winds up on the Beach. It varies from a piece of Bark to a Limb or a big part of the Trunk. It’s usually greyish. It isn’t Lumber or something Man made. It’s often used to decorate. Outside or inside the House. It really adds a neat touch if you’re looking for something Marine or Rustic. It’s also often turned into a Piece of Artwork. It can be made into Furniture like Chair or a Table.

There are 10 buildings that can accommodate a maximum of 60 people on this exotic island. Starting from 4 bedroom to 1 bedroom for couples. So romantic, oh my I don't stop admiring this island. "So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" (Ar rahman : 13).

  • Main House >> The Main House is the main dining area and bar. Tucked high into this structure is a room with 1 king-size four-poster bed. It has a terrific balcony view and is perfect for singles or couples who are musically inclined as it is right above the bar and sound system.
  • The Driftwood Palaces >> There are 5 driftwood palaces consisting of 2 types, namely Driftwood Number 1 and Driftwood Number 2-5. Driftwood Palace number 1 is adjacent to the Main House with 1 king-size four-poster bed and a small adjacent room suitable for an adult or a cot for a small child. This Palace and the Main House share a bathroom past the BBQ areaDriftwood Number 2-5, these are four large, identical, Driftwood Palaces. Each has 2 king-size four-poster beds. A couple of these Palaces have wooden benches which, with a mattress and linen, are perfect as extra accommodation. Additionally, they can all house one or two more single beds. Each of these Palaces has an adjacent bathroom.
  • Tree House >> There is a king-size four-poster bed in the Tree House which is suitable for an adventurous couple or kids. The Tree House may have limited space, but offers unlimited breathtaking view of the seas.
  • The Big House >> This is a giant Driftwood Palace with a king-size four-poster bed and two double Balinese beds. It has an en-suite bathroom on the same level.  
  • Merifield Palace >> Adjacent to The Big House, Merifield Palace is the newest and the largest Driftwood Palace in the island. There are 2 four-poster beds, 2 Balinese bamboo beds, and 2 bathrooms inside. 
  • The Pool House >> The Pool House is a lovely structure overlooking the pool, good for a romantic full moon experience. It currently has one king-size four-poster bed. It is a little more ‘open’ than the other Palaces and is normally used for massages during the day. It can however be easily turned into an additional accommodation, complete with blinds and mosquito nets for the double bed.

Fresh and super yummy dining

For seafood lovers, you will be spoiled with fresh seafood processed with herbs that are absorbed into the main ingredients of food. With tropical views like in the Caribbean island, this food will be very delicious when eaten. Pangkil Island Resort will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests making reservations here.


Tropical pool which makes tanaholic and swimaholic reluctant to go home

My lovely thing, swimming pool

The charming pool amazes all who see it. The sky blue pool is very tempting to continue to be in it. This unique and very natural entrance is like being on the set of the film "Laskar Pelangi" in Belitong. Flanked by 2 large stones forming a triangular gap like a cave. The long wooden table is ideal for lunch or dinner should you choose to dine at this end of the island. There is a pool side bar with unique buildings such as huts that provide a variety of drinks. You will not be able to ignore the scenery around this pool, each side has beauty like in heaven.

Facilities, amenities and services

  • Energy minimization >> resting (there are hammocks everywhere), Sun Bathing (choose your beach), lounging (there are benches everywhere), soundtripping, sleeping and reading.
  • Outdoor activities >> volleyball, boules, sailing , kayaking, snorkelling, jogging , stand up paddle and fishing.
  • Indoor activities >> table tennis, board games, pool table, movie screening and lounging (with music).
  • Picnic >> Picnics are available only for bookings with a minimum of 4-night stay. Their speedboats or launch may be used for picnics on nearby islands or sunset-cruises. Journey times will depend on the destination - a trip to the more distant islands may require a full day. 
How to get there?

From Singapore
Crossing by using ferry from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Bandar Bintan Telani. The staff will pick up us by bus, travel time about one hour to port. Then crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to Pangkil Island.

From Sri Bintan Pura Terminal
The staff will pick up us by bus at ferry terminal, travel time about one hour to port. Crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to the island.

From Airport Raja Haji Fisabilillah 
You can go by plane to Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport Tanjungpinang. The staff will pick up us by bus, travel time about 30 minutes to port. Then crossing by speedboat about 15 minutes to Pangkil Island.

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  1. So Beautiful Island, jatuh cinta sejak pertama menginjakkan kaki di Pulau ini, semakin lebih jauh explore ini pulau semakin jatuh cinta, hight recommend banget nih pulau buat liburan.

    1. It's paradise. Ku tak mau pulang rasanya dari pulau ini Bang, masih belum bisa move on sampai sekarang dengan pesona Pangkil yang menakjubkan.

  2. Good job, you describe this island very well. Its paradise for who wanna spend holiday in private island like James Bond. Peace and luxury. I really love your story.

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